Sunday, October 7, 2012

Our Blended Family

Ayden and Ali
My first post about my blended family is on the Her View From Home site. I am truly honored to be a feature writer for this wonderful mom site. My bi-weekly posts will explore life during and after a divorce.

I was married the first time for twelve years, and we have two beautiful daughters, 13 and 9. My ex-husband and I have both remarried. This is my husband's first marriage, and he has no children. He is absolutely wonderful with our girls.

My ex-husband and his wife have two little ones of their own, a one-year-old boy and a six-month-old daughter. My ex and I share legal and physical joint custody our two girls. When we first separated, it was important to my ex and I to make the situation as comfortable as possible for our children. Children deserve to be able to talk openly and kindly about either parent without criticism from the other parent.

It isn't always easy to place the children's needs above your own anger and pain, but I believe it is essential to raise healthy, well-adjusted kids. Molly, my ex husband's wife and I talk almost daily. We discuss the girls and their behavior, and all decide on their punishments as a team. The four of us discuss everything that involves the children and work together as a team.

Cami and Peyton
One advantage to all of us getting along so well is it makes situations where we have to all be around one another much easier. The children don't have to worry about their parents and step-parents fighting at their choir programs or softball games. They also know if they try to bate one parent against the other, it will not work, because we have open communication.

Follow the link below to Her View From Home, to my first post.

Her View From Home-Blended Families, by Trish Eklund

Ali, Ayden, and Cami
Photograph of the three kids by, Kristen Kirkelie, Kirkelie Photography
Kirkelie Photography

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